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Trust your home remodeling and improvement project to experienced professionals who know and understand the area's construction and maintenance requirements.

Vinson Plumbing & Electric can handle the important details of the plumbing and electrical components of your home improvement project. Our staff includes licensed plumbers, electricians, and remodeling project managers. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels that add value and enjoyment to your home. We work in cooperation with you and any other contractors to ensure your project runs efficiently and results in lasting beauty and value.

If your home needs new wiring installed or maybe your wiring is out of code and your worried of hazards to your family, turn to the pros that know electricity. If you’re not sure that’s ok too, we have you covered. Our expert electricians are fully licensed and bonded to perform every electrical job, and full inspections. We aim to make sure you and your family are not only 100% safe but leave you with nothing but a handshake, a completed job, and a smile. 
At Vinson Plumbing and Electric, we know how to make sure your plumbing woes disappear, from clogged drains to leaky pipes. We have seen it all in our many years in the business and through our expertise and training can solve most issues in just a few hours. With our trucks fully stocked and ready to roll we can be at your home in a matter of minutes for most scheduled or emergency jobs.
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Residential Plumbing Services

Drain Repairs

If you’ve got a clogged drain anywhere in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s always important to consult a plumber for drain clearing issues, as the source of the blockage is often further away that you might expect. Drain clearing products are often not strong enough to fully remove the blockage, but they are definitely strong enough to ruin your pipes.

Pipe Repairs

With our pipe repair and replacement services, our experienced plumbers can help you with all of your repiping needs. From leaky, indoor pipes, to exterior water and drain pipes damaged by tree root growth, we can help you find an affordable solution to get your plumbing system working properly again.

Water Heaters

Most home owners don’t give too much thought to their home’s water heater, as long as it’s providing hot water on-demand. If your shower won’t stay hot, or if you hear any strange noises coming from your water heater, it’s time to call in the professionals. Learn more about energy-saving tankless water heaters and other systems available to you.

Sewer Lines & Repair

Clogged or broken sewer lines can cause a real mess for your home and property. If you’re noticing odd smells or sewage backup, it’s time to call a professional, as soon as possible. Our licensed and experienced plumbers have the tools and technology to pinpoint the exact location of your sewer line issues, allowing us to repair or replace only a small section of pipe

Bathroom Fixtures

When you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you’ll need to hire a plumber to properly hook up and install your new fixtures. We’ll quickly install and inspect your new shower, sink, or toilet, and verify that everything is ready to go. Give us a call when you’re planning to remodel the bathrooms in your home.

Kitchen Fixtures

Always make sure to call a licensed and experienced plumber when you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen. At Vinson Plumbing & Electric, we can help you install new sinks and garbage disposals, as well as ensure that your new dishwasher or refrigerator is properly hooked up. Make sure your new kitchen fixtures are installed right the first time with our expert services.

Residential Electrical Services

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Aluminum wiring was popular back in the late 60s and early 70s. That’s back when this type of wiring was approved by the NEC. While this used to be a common material for wiring, many of these homes now pose an electrical hazard. If safety is a concern of yours, then let us replace your aluminum wiring.

Electrical Safety Inspections

It’s always nice to know that your home is safe and free of electrical problems, but how do you know when it is? A professional electrician.

Electrical Wiring

Whether you’re upgrading the fixtures and wiring throughout an older home, or if you need to add an electrical outlet or two to an existing room, you can count on our electricians for all your electrical wiring installation and replacement needs.

Electrical Repairs

You can count on Vinson for all your residential and commercial electrical repair needs. We can repair your dimmer switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, and more. Don’t leave your family in the dark! Call our experienced professional today when you’re in need of expert electrical troubleshooting.


Does your home have enough lighting? A lack of lighting fixtures (or a lack of bright fixtures), is a common complaint among home owners, whether you’re living in an older home or a newer, cookie-cutter-style home. By installing new light fixtures, you can illuminate your kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, and more. Learn how you can increase the resale value of your home with just a few new light fixtures.

Panel Upgrades

A lot of home owners pass up the idea on modernizing their electrical units, assuming that it’s not really necessary to update their electrical wiring and service panels. These connectors can wear out over time, increase the risk of fires caused by faulty wiring. At Vinson Plumbing & Electric, we’ll help you determine the right time to update your electrical panel.

Security Lighting

Keeping your home safe is important, and one of the best ways to protect yourself is by keeping the exterior of your home well-illuminated at night. Properly installed security lighting can go a very long way to keeping you safe, and is an excellent deterrent against break-ins both when you are home and away.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lights will help transform the look and appeal of your yard, by accenting the strengths of your landscape, transforming dark shadows into carefully maintained and cultivated features. There is no reason that the exterior of your home should only have visual appeal during the day.

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